Sponsored Artists

Reason Define - Charlotte, North Carolina

Female hard rock band from North Carolina! One listen to Reason Define makes it clear that these gals mean business. Carefully constructed songs filled with great musicianship, creative guitar work and melody, held together with beautiful yet powerful vocals. The ladies of Reason Define are on a mission to take over the world, and they have the talent and work ethic to make it happen.


Covina - San Antonia, Texas

5-piece hardcore band from the lone star state! Covina is a band that knows how to keep hardcore music interesting in 2019.This band has a unique and creative approach to song writing, and it's clear that they draw influence from all the far corners of hardcore music. The end result is a band that delivers on up beat and catchy songs, that at the same time lack nothing in aggressiveness or melody. Covina is a hard working band that loves being on the road, cath them in a city near you soon!

Shattered Crown - Iowa City, Iowa

Progressive-deathcore from the midwest! Being founded in 2017, these guys haven't been on the scene very long, but are quickly making a name for themselves. Technical, heavy, yet uplifting guitar melodies lead the charge with this band. Backed by unique and creative drums and powerful vocals, this band unleashes a uniquely blended sound that will make waves through the music community.

Flesh Of The Lotus - York, Pennsylvania

Slamming-deathcore from the northeast. This band has been cutting their teeth in the music scene since 2015, and my what a name they have made for themselves. These guys prove that slam is alive and well in 2019. They somehow manage to take a genre that many would considered "washed up" and make it new all over again. This band manages to take heavy to a whole new level by blending elements of slam, deathcore, death metal, and black metal, and putting it into one pulverizing and relentless audio assault.

Seth Newton - Hardwick, Massachusetts 

Soothing and emotional alternative rock solo artist. Seth Newton is one of the hardest working and deserving artists out there trying to make a name for himself. Seth uses his unique and uplifting voice to write and sing incredibly beautiful and captivating songs. With peaceful melodic instrumentation paired with intimate and personal lyrics, Seth is bound to be a star and household name.

Deep In Hate - Paris, France

Modern death metal band from Paris. These guys have been crushing the music scene since 2004 with their dark, melodic, and brutal sound. All members of this band shine, from the guitar work, to the drums, to the crushing vocals. They create a uniquey blended sound of dark melodies and relentlessly brutal heaviness.

Hello Atlantic - Providence, Rhode Island

3-piece rock/pop punk band from the northeast. Hello Atlantic may be made up of only 3 dudes, but they manage to create captivating songs with incredible depth and catchy melodies. It's clear these guys aren't just your average run of the mill pop punk band. The have a uniquely crafted sound that will surely help them stand apart from the crowd as they continue to grow and progress.

Sunset Hollow - Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Post hardcore/pop punk band hailing from the northeast. Sunset Hollow are a breathe of fresh air to the post hardcore genre. They create well balanced songs full of melody, passion, and a heavy driving undertone. The message of hope and positivity promoted through the songs leave the listener feeling inspired and uplifted. 

Mirror Lake - Houston, Texas

Progressive rock from the lone star state. Mirror Lake are a band that prove again and again they have what it takes to write and create truly dynamic, unique, memorable and interesting songs. This band is full of talent. The clean vocals bring in refreshing and emotional melodies while the powerful heavier vocals keep driving their songs forward at a beautiful pace. These guys are sure to continue making fans and growing their band for a long time to come.

Massacre Of Innocence - Melbourne, Australia

Progress metal/post hardcore from down under. Massacre Of Innocence are a band that are quickly making a name for them in their hometown, as well as across the globe. Recently off of their first tour of Japan, they are continuing to create a solid name for themselves with their unique blend of djent infused metal and melodic hardcore.